A History of Excellence


In 2001, our founders created the Trojan Consulting Group (TCG) with the goal of allowing members to apply the skills that they learned in class to critical real-world issues, providing professional consulting services to a wide range of for-profit and non-profit businesses nationwide. Over nearly two decades, we have successfully partnered with industry leaders across multiple sectors, always striving to add the most value to our clients' organizations.

Our mission is to provide the maximum benefit to our clients through our consulting services, offer an unparalleled learning experience to our members, and commit ourselves to the pursuit of academic and professional growth.  


Our Team

The TCG team is a small group of actively involved and highly-motivated student leaders on and off-campus. Our consultants come from a wide range of academic disciplines, bringing a variety of perspectives and problem-solving skills to our collaborative atmosphere.


Our Network

Our alumni have successfully transferred the skills that they developed within TCG to their current positions at some of the most prestigious firms worldwide. After graduation, they have continued to provide mentorship to existing members and guidance on current client projects.


Our Clients

TCG works in close contact with its clients to deliver actionable recommendations with a tangible impact. Clients can also benefit from post-engagement resources to assist them with the implementation of our recommendations.