Developing actionable strategies through thought leadership

Our consulting work typically consists of the following services, adapted to the unique needs of each client:

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Market Research & Analysis

  • Industry overview
  • Consumer demographic analysis
  • Market trends breakdown

Competitive Analysis

  • Strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat analysis
  • Refining core competencies
  • In-depth case studies

Business Model

  • Revenue projection
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Short/Long term strategy formulation
  • Financial Modeling
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Product Development

  • Revenue projection
  • Cost-structure analysis
  • Profitability analysis

Operations Optimization

  • Organizational hierarchy
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Distribution channel strategy


Marketing & Advertising Strategy

  • Promotional strategy
  • Implementation timeline
  • Partnerships

We tailor our services to fit the individual needs of each client. We have worked with a diverse array of organizations and firms, ranging from well-established public institutions to innovative start-ups. Our work revolves around the goals of our clients and thus dynamically adapts to different circumstances each semester. 

Our client engagement is a 10-week process, focused around recommendation presentations at each major step of the process. Typically, three or more in-house meetings are scheduled in advance with the client, and further communication is done on an ad-hoc basis depending on client availability. TCG emphasizes the importance of client communication, as it is critical to the success of our project.